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No. If you are not a sworn Law Enforcement Officer, you can be a Supporting or a sustaining member. NOBLE Supporting Members consist of security officers, civilian employees, community supporters and any other non-sworn individuals interested in supporting the mission and vision of NOBLE Sustaining Members consist of corporations, organizations or individuals interested in furthering the goals of NOBLE usually at the national level of the organization.

Since our inception March 2012, NOBLE Central New Jersey has worked to position itself as a resource to the communities we serve. In line with the founding mission and vision of NOBLE, our goal is to have a comprehensive approach to the reduction of crime and delinquency through various community outreach programs, to address the disparities that exist in our profession through JUSTICE BY ACTION and to effect legislation in the State of NJ as it pertains to our profession. To date, our outreach programs have included, but have not been limited to the following: * Providing over $1000 in college scholarships in collaboration with Brookdale Community College. * Donated over $2000 in school supplies and book bags for students returning to school across Central New Jersey cities we serve including Asbury Park, Neptune, Trenton, Edison and Somerset County. * Present Law & You program in various cities across Central New Jersey. * Collaborated with Brookdale Community College to provide an annual Career Fair where over 2000 individuals interested in LE Careers have interacted with over 75 agencies from the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Delaware) to obtain informatoin pertinent to employment opportunities. * Plan an annual Family Reunion event bringing together the community across state lines for a day of family fun, information exchange, networking and strategizing to address the many ills affecting our communities. * Engaging leaders in various police agencies to present NOBLE’s platform and address disparities in hiring, promotions and other opportunities in respective police agencies at the Municipal, County, State and Federal levels. All of these activities are only successful because of community support for our fundraisers. 2015 will mark a return to our Scholarship presentation event and an aggressive fundraising campaign to support our initiatives.

No! Membership in NOBLE is open to anyone interested in serving the needs of all the citizens of our communities. NOBLE’s Vision Statement is to be recognized as a highly competent, public service organization that is at the forefront of providing solutions to law enforcement issues and concerns, as well as to the ever-changing needs of our communities.

The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) was founded in September, 1976, during a three day symposium to address crime in urban low income areas. The symposium was co-sponsored by the Police Foundation and the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA). The Joint Center for Political Studies (JCPS) coordinated this unprecedented event in which sixty (60) top-ranking black law enforcement executives representing twenty-four (24) states and fifty-five (55) major cities gathered in the Washington, D.C. area to participate. They exchanged views about the critically high rate of crime in black urban communities and the socioeconomic conditions that lead to crime and violence. They raised questions about relevant issues such as fairness in the administration of justice, police community relations, the hiring and promotion of black police officers, and the unique problems of the black police executive. Recognizing that black law enforcement executives could have a significantly more effective impact upon the criminal justice system through a unified voice, the symposium participants departed from the planned agenda to create NOBLE. They unanimously elected Hubert Williams, then Director of the Newark, New Jersey Police Department, and the first black police chief of a major city, temporary chairman of NOBLE.

Yes you do. Before becoming a member of your local chapter, you must be a financial member of the national organization. You can be a national member and not a local chapter member but not a local member without first becoming a national member.


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